Doungporn Thai Beauty Have been in the Health & Fitness for over 15 years And have been holding training programs for Health Clubs around Thailand for the past 6 years and have recently owned and manage a Thai Beauty and Thai Massage in Australia for 5 years.

Using Thai Herbs for Thai Spa and Thai Massage today embraces all the techniques. Developed over the centuries for optimum benefit. It helps to improve circulation, Ease tensions from the body and soul and at the same time to bestow of feeling of Peace and ease. Massage can relieve headaches pain, sports injuries, and can restore the equilibrium of the body.

Thai Massage normally uses Herbal Steam and Hot Herbal Compresses to enable heat and Thai Herbs to enter the body, thereby easing pain and swelling after the injury and reducing muscle stiffness. This helps to improve blood flow and promotes deep sleep. “aroma-thai” and being used the ease tension, insomnia and exhaustion are:

Ginger Oil: bring relief from stress, tiredness and rheumatism.
Zingiber Oil: known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, It eases muscle stiffness and aches.
Citronella Oil: relieves soreness in the joints enhances awareness and brings peace to the soul.